“Security in Software Engineering”-course

So, I attended to the course in the title and passed with grade 3 (0-5 scale). The course had many aspects of security, but not that much directly associated with software engineering… Of course we had to produce some code like a backdoor, logic bobm, a file cipher, hahs calculator and a even a fuzz-tester. Those coding excersises went well and i implemented them in my favourite language Perl even though the backdoor and logic bomb could have been made with just pseudocode 🙂

An interesting course for sure, cryptography, authentication mechanisms, cracking and malware, web browser security, some operating system security, the lifecycle of a software project from the perspective of security, something about physical security and what the hell. Much stuff in a short course (4 CU).

I’ll suggest a course like this for every software engineering student or even for systems administrators. This course was not mandatory which puzzles me, wtf, it should be! And more courses should be available from the field of security, something going even deeper and not so shallow as just one course which we have in our university’s range.

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First post, so get the fuck outta here :D

Welcome to my new blog in english!

So, I’m a hobbyist *nix administrator and a student and hobbyist of programming/computer sciences/software engineering. Wanna know more? Please press any button! I’m just now fucked up with my studies, as I’m studying statistics and don’t seem to understand a shit about that area of maths… Please, read my homepage at Marko Vihoma’s Homepage for most of my studies and current hobbies & http://lethe.bsdaddict.org/ or Marko Vihoma’s Blog. Lethe is just a collection of manuals and documentation about topics I’m interested in and mostly deprecated, blog is all in finnish and both offline until noticed, except I have my backup web server running which is not very interesting. Everything else except maybe my homepage are something not worth reading 😉

Let me know what you think about the code on my homepage as i’m really interested especially about the Set.pm improvements. It’s a slow piece of shit and I don’t know why 😀 So help me or die or !die maybe 😉

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