Phew! New EJabberD server for local network installed & configured…

Strange, I finally got to testing a XMPP server on my development workstation and will deploy probably to my web-/shell-server too later on when I’ve installed the new mobo.

The XMPP server is EJabberD (Erlang Jabber Daemon), it’s cool because I can cluster it at home. I mean, I’ll have it on my external server, and if needed I can fall back to my dev MBP. No need for external server for XMPP instant messaging anymore šŸ˜€

Oh, how I wish I could have Skype & Facebook transports, but they’ll come sometime… And it seems there is a Facebook transport for EJabberD, nice, gotta try that soon.

Well, who wants to know these kind of things? Not me from anyone else, but if a simple EJabberD configuration interests you, please contact me and I’ll see what can be done.

In fact I configured EJabberD with the help of live-mode available through the `ejabberdctl live’ command. I had some problems, but the live console really helped. Didn’t have enough knowledge of Erlang or EJabberD to do anything more than watch the error- or info-messages go past my eyes, but it was useful anyways.

I just registered myself as an admin to my new cute Jabber server and hope my contacts will accept my request to be my friends even with this config šŸ™‚

My server will be open to the outside world as soon as I install that damned "new" mobo to my server…

Bye bye bunnies, eat eggs.

Happy Ishtar!

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