I’ve got a Smok Tumbler!

Heh yeah! 😀

I got this Smok Tumbler clearomizer by mail today and I was in a hurry to try it. I also bought some 1.5Ω replacement heads for it and my first task was to switch the original 1.8Ω head with one of those lower resistance ones (I’ll keep the higher resistance heads as backup).

The flavor from this quite cheap device was amazing compared to my trusted Smok Ego Mega Dual Coil Cartomizers (EMDCC’s)! I didn’t expect this much of a difference in flavor from this device, but it is really better, a clearer taste than from anything I have tested before (well, just Ego-t atomizers, Boge cartomizers and EMDCC’s). This thing works just great with the Ego or Kgo batteries, no need for fancy mods or batteries.

If you are an Ego-style battery user, then go ahead and try this device, it really impressed me in a short while. Still, I have to see how long a single head will last, I’d hope at least a week or two, two to be on the better side as my EMDCC’s last from two weeks to a month (even though the heads to this device are cheaper than EMDCC’s)…

Sweet, I think this is a keeper! 😀


2 thoughts on “I’ve got a Smok Tumbler!

  1. I don’t know about the tumbler tank. I’ve tried a couple of clearos, for example ce8 .. it started to leek in about seven days and the other one about 5 days… then I bought a ganger pro tank III and I’ve been happy about then.

    • Okay, I broke my first Tumbler by sitting on it or something as smart as that 🙂

      Still, I bought two more and now they’ve been working well since, no leakage and no problemos otherwise. I’ve been using them for something like a month and half a month for the other now, and the first atomizer heads (1,5Ω) are still in place and working. The rest of the atomizer heads are 1,8Ω and I’ve had them in action before and they work just fine for from two weeks to a month or so and the price is fine here in Finland, around 1,50€ each.

      Hope you get your damned Pro Tank III atomizers working with a better juice soon 😉

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