The “Information Management” -course


As the title tells, i’m going to discuss the course in the title after it has finished a long long time ago…

The course was completely about relational databases and the RDBMS used was Oracle with APEX interface. I goddamn hate the APEX PL/SQL statement builder, you can not create multiple statements in one go, but you need to always create single statements and run them one by one. Well, the forms APEX creates are not too pretty either, but they work.

I learned SQL the next time this time, I had already taken the online SQL-course, which is part of the whole course, once and even remembered some of it from before šŸ˜€

So, the course and the homework was mostly nice, consisting of creating ER- and relational diagrams, learning the difference in small way between relational, object-oriented and network models and then some. I already have forgotten exactly what was taught :p Anyways again, the main point was in relational model.

The final work for the course was to create an free of choise APEX application with at least three forms and two tables. I created a LAN design application with endpoints (workstations, servers or some kind of mobile devices), routers and then the networks which were connected the way needed, having a router id to network id connection. My work started to seem like it will never be ready, as i made a mistake of not noticing it was indeed ready šŸ˜€ Well, i finished the work the same morning that i had to return it to the assessor at midday.

Finally, i got a decent 3/5 from the course, not excellent, but good (pun intended) enough šŸ™‚ I enjoyed the course and it was educating, the professor was quite good at what he did and he also seemed to be a nice person easy to take contact to.

P.S. I wish i could elaborate more on the course, but it’s been a while since it ended (about a year :D)…


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