486 is dead, all hail 486!

Soo.. fortunately my father is not in a grave, but in a burial urn in my home, so i can safely dismiss everything i wrote in my last post :p

Now that 486DX I mentioned in the previous post is back in business, doing the work of my LAN sole nameserver. I removed the completely useless webserver (lighttpd) from it and now it’s just a dnsmasq caching name server/-forwarder. And how wonderfully it does it’s job, name resolution is instantaneous!

It had a nice uptime of ~300 days, from the previous power outage until one just a while ago. It’s in a surge protected outlet in my UPS, which will keep it running longer than the reserve power outlets, as my kind of crappy Eaton ProtectionStation 650 seems to need a power recycle every now and then for the UPS monitor USB-connection to work after a reboot of my workstation >:o

Nothing much more to tell about this. The 486 and NetBSD 2.0_RC4 just keep on working, with all the innards from 1991 still working, even the 100MB HDD šŸ˜€

Well, that’s it!


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