Just FYI for old URL’s and the new ones…

Hello, my fine fellow druges or WTF!

So, those lethe.bsdaddict.org sites have not been in place for a long time… this means I don’t have a Finnish language blog anymore and intend not to get one either.
There’s Lethe, which is just a toy site on a measly 486SX with minimal
old NetBSD 2.0_RC4 install.

Maybe I’ll someday make something with my other home server and publish some bullshit there too, who knows and even more, who cares 😀. That new host might be
petos.themafia.info, which points to Lethe at the moment.

Well, I should post something about the “Information Management”-course, but we’ll see when I’m up to it. It was an interesting course for sure, but more on it later.

Don’t expect me to post anything anytime soon now, you all oh, so enthusiastic fans of mine!