First post, so get the fuck outta here :D

Welcome to my new blog in english!

So, I’m a hobbyist *nix administrator and a student and hobbyist of programming/computer sciences/software engineering. Wanna know more? Please press any button! I’m just now fucked up with my studies, as I’m studying statistics and don’t seem to understand a shit about that area of maths… Please, read my homepage at Marko Vihoma’s Homepage for most of my studies and current hobbies & or Marko Vihoma’s Blog. Lethe is just a collection of manuals and documentation about topics I’m interested in and mostly deprecated, blog is all in finnish and both offline until noticed, except I have my backup web server running which is not very interesting. Everything else except maybe my homepage are something not worth reading 😉

Let me know what you think about the code on my homepage as i’m really interested especially about the improvements. It’s a slow piece of shit and I don’t know why 😀 So help me or die or !die maybe 😉

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